Foster goal

Photographer finally captures husband’s goal!

January 9, 2023

A running joke lasting at least three years ended this weekend when photographer Joanna Foster finally got an image of her husband scoring a goal. Luke has netted regularly but every time his wife is actually looking and pointing her camera, his finishing goes to pot.

Very much a case of “commentator’s curse” applying here, as it was only yesterday – in a write up of cup success for our adults – that the fact she’d not snapped her husband scoring was written down in black and white.

And of all the goals to choose, a tap-in from close range in a crowded penalty area… but it’s irrefutably Luke’s leg we can see there – no-one else straps their ankles up quite as much.

Luke Foster
Foster – may finally stop going on about it
Joanna Foster
Foster – hopes Luke will stop going on about it